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Meet Shammy—Mom, Teacher, and Successful Seller

Shamim (aka Shammy) works full time as a school teacher in Bengal. To help supplement her family’s income and support her local community she also creates and sells products with MYMD. Shammy is part of a new generation of Teeshirt sellers who utilize smart SEO and extensive niche research to maximize sales. Like Farzana, Shammy gets the majority of her sales through MYMD tools like the Boosted Network and Teeshirt Marketing. In this post, Shammy shares insight on the techniques she uses to maximize her sales with Teeshirt.

Creating & scaling successful designs

Shammy uses Pinterest and Twitter for design inspiration. She searches keywords such as “teacher” to see the types of images and quotes people are sharing. On Twitter she’ll search for phrases like “teacher t-shirt” to see what is trending. This helps her identify her target buyers as well as see the sorts of designs people are engaging with. She’ll use this insight as inspiration to create unique designs and sometimes shares her products with those initial people who inspired the design on social media.

When targeting certain buyer groups it is important to try to adapt a design concept for a particular niche—for example, apart from creating a design that could appeal to all teachers, she also looks into narrowing her target buyer group into a particular niche such as physics teachers and math teachers.

Shammy creates designs herself using Photoshop and Illustrator. She tends to create several versions of a design and is able to continue scaling design concepts once she’s found success.

Once I find a winning design I’ll scale it vertically. For example, patriotism is a successful evergreen niche on Teeshirt. I’ll take the patriotism theme and see how I can scale it by incorporating it into my successful teacher, firefighter, yogi, etc. niches and create a collection of new designs.

She also makes sure to use TMHunt and Trademarkia before launching new designs on Teeshirt in order to maintain her high trust score. By avoiding design policy violations Shammy is able to ensure her products will continue to be listed and sold on Teeshirt’s Boosted Network.

Optimizing listings for marketplace sales

Shammys says optimizing listings is almost as important as the design! If you do not optimize listings it will be more difficult for shoppers to find them. Shammy follows Teeshirt’s top tips for optimizing listings and also receives extra help from her husband, who is a software developer.

My husband has been a great help in teaching me the best ways to write the title, description, and keywords for my listings. Now I always try to incorporate relevant keywords in my listing titles because I know that is the most important step to making my listings discoverable. In the description, I’ll write a brief text about the design, who it’s intended for, and why the shopper should purchase it. For example, “This physics teacher design is the perfect gift for the amazing teacher in your life!”

I believe these two elements are necessary for success; quality designs and optimized listings. I’m able to acquire 90% of my sales through Teeshirt’s Boosted Network and Teeshirt Marketing because my designs are unique and because I always write optimized titles and descriptions.


Driving sales with social media and Teeshirt tools

Apart from using Teeshirt tools Shammy also drives sales through social media; specifically Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

I like using Linkedin because there are a lot of professionals who are interested in my career-themed designs. Also, Google+ allows you to find and use valuable hashtags to promote your products. I also use paid and organic promotion on Facebook. I have created a group where I share certain niche designs and I’ll run ad campaigns when I have extra funds.

Shammy also utilizes Teeshirt’s Buyer Message Tool when she creates new products. She shares these products with past buyers who purchased a similar design. Because most of her buyers are satisfied with the quality of their past purchases she says it’s easier to convert them into repeat shoppers.


Sharing success with others

Shammy is a mom, teacher, and a successful Teeshirt seller. She’s also a good person with a good heart—it’s touching to hear how she has been able to share her success with others in a very meaningful way.

I sell on Teeshirt because I enjoy it, but also because it gives me the opportunity to help people in my community. I donate 80% of my earnings to less fortunate people in my city and 15% of my profits go into Facebook advertising. The rest is spent on my family. Some of the most gratifying moments I’ve been able to experience with my Teeshirt earnings is helping to finance a local child’s education. I was even able to help a woman purchase a cow to provide milk for her and her family. These moments inspire and motivate me to continue striving for success.

In the future, Shammy hopes to scale her success and reach the 100,000 sales milestone. She plans to continue selling with Teeshirt and using her profits to help others.




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